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Pond Cleaning

Pond & Water Feature Cleaning Services

Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Contractor Servicing

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Why Should You Clean Out Your Pond?

Spring is always just around the corner in [Service Areas] areas, and before you know it you will be outside enjoying the weather and all the wonder and excitement of your beautiful pond again, which brings us to the topic of preparing and cleaning your pond, landscape fountain or waterfalls for Spring and the upcoming season.

We recommend that your pond or water feature receive a full professional cleaning at least once, on occasion twice, per year to help maintain its low maintenance and beautiful appearance. Failure to perform an annual clean out could result in increased maintenance or fish health issues. All customers receive a custom price quote for their clean out. If we have serviced your pond in the past, or if we installed your pond, we can give you a cost for your cleaning once you have contacted us. If you are a new customer we will require a Pond Profile to familiarize ourselves with your pond and to give you an accurate Spring Pond Maintenance price.

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What is Included?

Drain, Rinse & Pond Refill
Pressure wash rocks & gravel
Thin out overgrown aquatic plants
Removal of excess debris and leaves
Pond Water Quality Inspection
Lighting Check
Pump Maintenance Inspection
Pond Filters Cleaning/Inspection

[Company Name]

Pond & Water Feature Cleaning Details

If you are considering a cleaning for your [Your Service Areas] pond, stream, pondless waterfall, or water garden. You will most definitely have a few questions about this particular service. [Company Name] has listed our basic cleanout services offered below. Contact Us if you have any questions.


What is the Process?

  • Some of you know what this entails, but for those that are new to water gardening here is the rundown:
  • FIRST (and most importantly!) get your name on the Spring Clean out roster. We service hundreds of water gardens beginning when the ice thaws, so waiting is NOT your best option!
  • We will call or email you (from the info you provide on the info form) to schedule a Pond Profile or to give you your Pond Clean cost.
  • You will need to submit your Spring Pond Clean out deposit in order to get on our calendar.
  • Once your deposit is received you will need to complete the Consult Form to provide details of your specific pond needs and to request a Day/Time for your Spring Pond Maintenance
  • On Pond clean out day, be sure to have your garden hose outside, waterfall pump(s) and other components readily available and your water garden electrical outlet turned on.
  • [Company Name] now gets down & dirty with your water feature! We will drain the water (temporarily housing the Fish if you have them). The next step is to give the water feature a quick pressure washing and rinse (we don’t want to remove every bit of the beneficial Bio-Film). Once washed down they will trim back and fertilize aquatic plants, check and replace underwater light bulbs or fixtures, re-adjust rocks & gravel and finally install the waterfall pump. When all of this is finished, they will begin refilling the water feature (and re-introducing your fish if you have them). Any requested water treatment products will be left for you.
  • If your water garden includes a pond with fish, upon finishing your clean out we will refill the pond with enough water to re-introduce your fish. For larger ponds YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINISHING THE FILLING PROCESS AND PLUGGING IN THE WATERFALL PUMP (We have estimated your labor costs based on this assumption to keep your clean out costs to a minimum).